Only $250 for a bartender with complete portable 5' bar, back bar and 
complete set-up and lighting as shown above, for 5 hrs brought to your location. Gratuity not included. **

Book today and take $50 off our price!
$200.00 for 5 hours including satellite bar, bartender and set-up. 

Hour and a half setup and breakdown is always at NO CHARGE!

Additional bartenders are available at an additional $25 per hour, second bar and setup complimentary!
Cocktail servers are available at additional charges. 
Security and doormen available at $25 an hr.
You don't pay for the set-up time or breakdown time, that's on us! 

We also have bar rentals!

 $150 bar rental includes:  24 Hr. rental of 1 Cambro 5’ satellite bar (as seen in photos). 
Back bar setup included: 6’ table with tablecloth and skirt. 
Delivery and pick up is included. ***$50 Discount does not apply.

We even bring the ice and ice storage, all of the garnishes needed; limes, lemons, oranges, cherries, olives, price is at 
actual cost with no mark-up!
We will present you with all of the receipts, and you just reimburse the actual cost, at no markup!

  We Do Not Provide Alcohol, But We Do Provide You With
 A Purchase And Consumption Estimate For Your Shopping Ease.

 Once booked, you will receive an estimate for purchasing and consumption.
  It will be a complete list of everything needed!  Including, liquor, cups, mixes, sodas, beer, wine, 
garnishes and ice. Everything needed for a full well, call or premium bar. 

We will take all the hassle of calculating how much you need for your venue.
 It's what I have personally done for High Volume Nightclubs, Private Clubs, Resorts,
 Restaurants and Hotels for close to 30 years.

All you pay is for the service. We provide the straws, napkins, mobile bar 
and a bartender who is willing to make your event a memorable experience.

**If no tip jar is preferred, $1 per guest, per hour gratuity will be added to total.

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